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    ODS-Mail FAQ


    What is ODS-Mail?

    ODS-Mail is an integrated web-based e-mail client for storing and sending e-mail messages.

    Using ODS-Mail (Sending, Receiving, and Forwarding Mail)

    How do I create a new e-mail message & send it?

    You can create a new e-mail message by selecting the "Write a Message" tab and then entering the e-mail addresses in the to field, subject and editing a message in the WYSIWYG editor. When you are satisfied with the message content click the "Send Message" button to send you e-mail

    How can I save a message that still needs work so I can modify it & e-mail it out later?

    You can save any e-mail as a draft message by selecting the "Draft" button under the "Write a Message" form.

    How do I reply to a message? How do I reply to all recipients?

    First, select the folder and the select the link for the e-mail message you want view. Once you have selected the e-mail for viewing, select the "Reply" button to send mail to the author of the e-mail. To send to all the recipients, select the "Reply to All" button.

    How do I forward a message?

    Select the folder containing the e-mail message, then select the link for the e-mail message you want view. Once you have selected the e-mail for viewing, select the "Forward " button to send mail to the any e-mail address.

    How do I send e-mail to more than one person?

    You can enter multiple e-mail addresses in the To, CC:, BCC or DCC: fields. E-mail addresses can be separated by a comma ( , ).

    How do I re-send a message?

    Open the message in your "Sent Items" folder, then click on the e-mail to forward edit or re-send.

    I need to flag important e-mails - How do I do that in ODS-Mail?

    ODS-Mail provides a couple of ways to do this. The important `!' indicator is available to you on the message's toolbar and is a fast way to let recipients know that you have sent them an important message.

    How do I view sent messages?

    Open the message in your "Sent Items" folder and then click the link on the subject of the e-mail message.

    How can I add an attachment to an e-mail I am sending?

    While you are in the e-mail message, click on "Attach files" button at the top and then choose a File. Browse to the file you would like to add, highlight the file, and choose Insert. You an also choose to send a URI instead of a file to save space by select the URI radio button and the browsing to the content stored in ODS Briefcase.

    How do I delete an e-mail message and what happens to it when I delete it?

    Select the e-mail message and click on the "Delete" button on the bottom tool bar on the far right of your screen. Messages are moved you are your folder to the Trash folder.

    How do I recover an e-mail that I have deleted? What can I do?

    If your Trash folder has not been emptied, you can move the file back to any of your other folders.

    How do I empty the Trash folder?

    To empty e-mail in your Trash, select the Trash folder and put a check mark next to the items you want to delete and click the "Delete" icon on the bottom or select "Delete All" icon to remove all items in your trash folder.

    Sorting and Viewing E-mail

    What is the View Pane?

    You can preview items in your Inbox without opening them by using the View Pane on the right. In this pane, you just have to click on the message author or subject to display the text of the e-mail.

    Can I view the full headers of an e-mail I received?

    Not currently.

    Is there a way to search within my e-mail?

    You can search for ODS-Mail by using Search which searches for items based on a word or phrase they contain. By default, ODS-Mail searches only the current folder (excluding subfolders).

    ODS-Mail displays the results of a simple text search in the same view as the current folder. This means you can sort, group, and otherwise change how the results look, just as you do for any folder view.

    Editing and Composing E-mail

    What is the editor for ODS-Mail?

    ODS-Mail provides a default e-mail editor called the ODS WYSIWYG editor. This editor includes a number of features including text alignment, bullets, font styles and sizes, text highlighting, hyperlinks and embedded images support.


    How do I view the size of my folders?

    The size of your folder is on available under the Manage tab option. The size of the folder is the second to last column in the view pane.

    How can I add additional folders to my folder list?

    Yes, you can add any number of folders by selecting the Mange tab, entering the name of the new folder, select the parent folder from the pull down list and then by clicking on the "Create" icon.

    How can I move e-mail messages to another folder?

    You can move any message to the folder of your choice by marking the check-box next to the e-mail(s) and then select from the pull down list of available folders and clicking the "Move" ICON.


    How do I create a signature?

    You can create an e-mail signature by first selecting the "Preferences" link at the top right. Under Message Composition select the radio button "use signature text" and enter the signature in the form and enter the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

    How can I set SPAM Filter?

    ODS-Mail offers the feature for Spam Filtering so to control which mails you can receive in our ODS-Mail inbox and which mails to go to your ODS-Mail Spam folder.

    For more details and usage example see here.

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