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    Virtuoso ODS-Mail Installation Guide


    To make an ODS-Mail Installation you need:

    1. ODS Framework vad package: ods_framework_dav.vad
    2. ODS-Mail VAD package: ods_webmail_dav.vad
    3. Running Virtuoso Server. (version 3.5 or higher)
    4. SMTP Server
    5. Mail Drop application

    Installation steps

    Step 1: Building VAD package
    1. If you have ODS-Mail VAD package, you can jump to Step 2.
    2. To build an ODS-Mail VAD package, you need to have a fresh copy of the ODS-Mail sources from CVS repository and Virtuoso environment installed.
    3. In the opensource tree, the path to module is: \virtuoso-opensource\appsrc\ODS-WebMail
    4. After cvs update, go to ODS-Mail directory and run:


    5. As result should be build ods_webmail_dav.vad and ods_webmail_filesystem.vad packages. You can locate them in the same folder \virtuoso-opensource\appsrc\ODS-WebMail.
    Step 2: Installing the ODS-Mail VAD package
    1. If you already have installed the ODS Framework package, you need only to execute either from Conductor Interactive SQL or from ISQL the following line:


    2. As result, if the installation is successful, should be shown the messages:

      00000 No errors detected, installation complete. 00000 Now making a final checkpoint. 00000 Final checkpoint is made. 00000 SUCCESS

    Step 3: Configuration of receiving mail messages
    1. To be able to receive mail using your ODS-Mail account, you need to have the following components:
      1. SMTP server (MS SMTP, Sendmail, Qmail, ...)
      2. domain name (for example: domain.com)
      3. OpenLink? Mail Drop program
    2. The working schema is:

      Internet->SMTP Server(*@domain.com)->Mail Drop App (via odbc)->Virtuoso DB message

    3. You need to configure a SMTP server to receive messages for your domain name and execute mail_drop application for every incoming mail message to this domain. For reference see the steps below.

    Installation instructions for UNIX

    See details here.

    Installation Steps for Windows

    See details here.

    Step 4: Configuring ODS-Mail application
    1. Go to http://[host]:[port]/ods
    2. Login as dav user (default password is dav)
    3. Go to Site Settings->Server Settings and configure domain names list with available domain for user registrations.
    4. Check if in the list "Existing Hosted Mail Domains" there is your domain, for ex. domain.com. If not, add it.
    5. Logout as user dav.

    Step 5: ODS-Mail UI

    1. Go to http://[host]:[port]/ods and register a new user.
    2. Go to ODS-Mail and create new instance. In the create instance page you need to provide domain from the list of available domains for your email address.
    3. As result you will be redirected to your ODS-Mail Inbox folder.


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