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    Set up Login Authentication Keys in ODS


    3rd Party Account Linking via OAuth.


    3rd Party Account users to be able to register/log in/sync their specific service data in ODS DataSpace.


    In order to be able to link a 3rd Party Account, the following setting should be performed by admin user:

    1. Go to http://host:port/ods :

    2. Log in as admin user:

    3. Go to Site Settings -> Login Authentication Keys:

    4. Select "Api Name" and enter its key-secret pair values:

    5. See examples from below how 3th party service key-secret values can be generated.

    Examples Usage

    The following examples include sample scenarios how to generate 3rd Party Services API key-secret values and then how to set and use them in ODS Dataspace:

    1. Examples using 3rd Party Accounts for register/log in in ODS DataSpace:
    2. Examples using 3rd Party Services for data management:

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