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    Setting up PubSubHub in ODS


    PubSubHub (PSH) setup consists of two steps:

    1. Set up the ODS server.
    2. Configure applications to publish to hub.

    These steps are detailed below.


    The following packages should be installed:

    Set up the ODS server

    PSH setup on the ODS Server takes two steps, performed while logged in as the dav WebDAV System Administrator user, through the Site Settings link of ODS UI:

    1. In the Feed Instances with Admin Rights section , specify the PSH endpoint. This setting tells applications what to report for PSH auto-discovery:

    2. The Notification Services UI is used to set up the PSH publish service endpoint, to which ODS users can point their applications:

      • Enter for Endpoint: http://<host>:<port>/psh/ (modified for your instance, e.g., http://myhost.example.com:8889/psh/)
      • Enter for Notification Service: PubSubHub
      • Select Protocol: PubSubHub

    ODS applications can now be configured to publish messages to the PSH endpoint.

    Configure an ODS application to publish via PSH

    1. Log in as the dav user.
    2. Go to ODS -> Application Settings -> Application Notifications
    3. Select the default 'dav' blog from the top menu, and highlight the PubSubHub? Notification Service. (You may command-click to select multiple notification targets.)

    4. Click Add to make your setting take effect.

    Test the setup using ODS-Feed Manager and basic PSH Subscription UI

    For our test, we use ODS-Weblog as publisher and ODS-Feed Manager as subscriber.

    First, in ODS-Feed Manager we subscribe to the rss feed:

    1. Log in as a normal user, e.g., demo
    2. Go to the Feed Manager application.
    3. Go to Administration -> Feeds and click Subscribe.

    4. Select From URL... and click Next.
    5. In From URL (RSS/Atom/OPML/OCS/SIOC ...) field, enter the Weblog Feed URL, e.g.,


    6. Click Subscribe

    7. The PSH Server value will be shown, and PubSubHub? Enable will be checked. Click Subscribe again.

    Now, we publish something on the 'dav' weblog:

    Notification is made to the PSH endpoint, and the Feed Manager is notified to update its subscription content.