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    How to Refresh Wiki Skins using SQL


    You have just updated one of the wiki skins by uploading a new stylesheet or edited using WebDAV?, but the new skin does not reflect your changes.


    The following commands will update a skin called VOS under the /DAV/VAD/wiki/Root/Skins/VOS/.

    1. Login to Conductor and select ISQL option from the left menu or use the command line interface
    2. In the ISQL interface enter the following commands:

      xslt_stale('virt://WS.WS.SYS_DAV_RES.RES_FULL_PATH.RES_CONTENT:/DAV/VAD/wiki/Root/Skins/VOS/PostProcess.xslt'); xslt_stale('virt://WS.WS.SYS_DAV_RES.RES_FULL_PATH.RES_CONTENT:/DAV/VAD/wiki/Root/common.xsl');

    3. Once you have entered the command, click the EXECUTE button.
    4. The VOS Skin will now be refreshed.

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