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    Wiki articles Control Access

    ODS-Wiki is integrated with the ODS-Framework? for Applications Management

    1. From the ODS menu bar at the right, choose "Settings", and click the first link on the left pane "Applications Management"; or from your ODS menu bar click the menu item "Wiki", and then click the button "Manage Applications".
    2. Find the row of your Wiki instance in the table.
    3. For Endpoint Administration click the link "Manage" in the column "Endpoint".
    4. For Setting the Member Model click the link "Edit" in the column "Actions".
      1. Click the check box "Visible to public" if you want everybody (not logged in) to be able to read the articles in this wiki. Logged in users can access your wiki only if they are members of that cluster.
      2. Set the member model:
        • Open — any ODS user can add themselves to the members list
        • Closed — no members at all
        • Invitation Only — an ODS user can add themselves to the members list only after invitation from the cluster owner
        • Approval Based — ODS user can add themselves to the members list, with access pending approval by the cluster owner
    5. Click the link "Members" to control the access of logged in users.
      1. Click the button "Add member(s) to invite list".
      2. Click the check box(es) of the user(s) you want to add to the member list of your wiki and then click the link "Add selected".
      3. Select the "Membership Type(status)" of each member you have just added:
        • author — user can read, write and delete articles in your wiki
        • reader — user can only read articles
      4. Click the button "Invite member(s)". You can change the "Membership Type (status)" of some member at a later time by clicking the "Edit" link, or remove the member from your member list by clicking the "Terminate" link.


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