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    phpBB3 Administration

    1. Go to http://cname:port/phpBB3
    2. Login as dba
    3. Click the link "Administration Control Panel"
    4. Login again dba again.
    5. As result will be opened the Administration Control Panel UI.
    6. Click the "Manage forums" link from the left vertical navigation.
    7. Click the "Create new forum" button.
    8. In the shown forum enter:
      1. Forum name, for ex.

        phpBB3 Hosted inside Virtuoso

      2. Description, for ex:

        All about phpBB, Virtuoso PHP Hosting, and Less LAMP!!

      3. Enter and confirm Forum password
      4. Click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form.
    9. As result will be shown confirmation message and will be redirected to "Forums permissions" form page.
    10. From the "Add groups" area select all the groups and click the "Add permissions" button.
    11. In the shown form select for:
      1. Administrators Role: Full Access
      2. Global moderators Role: Standard Access + Polls
      3. Guests Role: Limited Access + Polls
      4. Registered Users: Standard Access + Polls
    12. Click the button "Apply all permissions".
    13. Click the "Board Index" link from top-right.
    14. As result will be shown the new created forum.
    15. Click on the forum name-link "phpBB3 Hosted inside Virtuoso"
    16. As result will be shown form to enter a password in order to view or post in the forum.
    17. Click the "New topic" button.
    18. In the shown form enter:
      1. for Subject: My First Post
      2. For body: Wow!
    19. Click the "Submit" button.
    20. As result will be shown the new post:

    Now let's see the inserted RDF data with the OpenLink Data Explorer. You need to install the OAT package in order to refer locally to the browser in the steps below:

    1. Access the url: http://cname:port/phpBB3/user/dba (as we have created forum, post topic logged in as dba in the steps above).
    2. As result will be redirected to the url:


    3. Note the 12 triples found in our sample example.
    4. Click on "dba" entity for "User".
    5. Click on "2" entity for "creator_of".
    6. Click on the "My_First_Post" entity.
    7. As result as entities will be shown the subject, body, etc of the post we have created from above.


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