Creating Filters in ODS-Mail

ODS-Mail offers to the user the powerful feature of setting its own filters in ODS-Mail.


ODS user can create its own filters by going to ODS-Mail -> Preferences -> Filters:


ODS User can manage its filters by 2 main options: creating new filters and deleting existing ones:

Create New Filter

ODS User can create new filters, by clicking the "Create Filter" button. The presented form offers the following options:

System Created Filters

With creation of a new ODS-Mail instance is created a system filter for every user, so called "System: WebID? Important". It is scoped to "Local and POP3 accounts".

  1. From the list of existing filters for filter "System: WebID? Important" click "Edit" to view its properties:

  2. The filter has 2 criteria and 2 commands: if the message is signed and verified with certificate, then set its priority to "High" and move it to the system folder "Important".