ODS-Mail Spam Filter Guide

What is it?

ODS-Mail offers the feature for Spam Filtering so to control which mails you can receive in our ODS-Mail inbox and which mails to go to your ODS-Mail Spam folder.


In order the Spam Filter option in ODS-Mail to work properly you need to:


What is treated for Spam?

How to manage the Handling?

General Settings

The Spam General Settings are set in Preferences->Privacy page.

In order to determine what to do with junk mail when it is received, one can manage the following SPAM General Settings presented in ODS-Webmail -> Preferences -> Privacy:

Filter Settings

SPAM messages can be controlled also using ODS-Mail -> Preferences -> Filters feature. See details on How to Create SPAM Filter rule based on WebID? in ODS-Mail.


Web ID Filter Rule Example

See here details on How to Create in ODS-Mail a WebID? Filter rule.

Manage Spam Filter with Addressbook interaction

See here details on How to Manage Spam Filter with Addressbook interaction.


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