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    Using SyncML? to sync Android contacts with Virtuoso


    1. A Virtuoso Server instance, 06.02.3130 or later, as of Jun 6 2011 or later;
    2. SyncML? (syncml_dav.vad) and Conductor (conductor_dav.vad) VAD packages have been installed


    This is a simple example of synchronizing contacts from Samsung Galaxy S II Android mobile to Virtuoso. The steps have been verified on our QA server.

    1. Log in to the Conductor at http://<cname>:<port>/conductor
    2. Go to Web Application Server --> Content Management --> Repository
    3. Click New folder
    4. In the form --
      • enter a name; for example, mysync
      • hatch all Permissions check-boxes
      • set SyncML? version to 1.1
      • set SyncML? type to vcard 11

    5. On your Android device, go to Applications --> Settings --> Accounts and sync.
    6. In the Manage accounts section, click Add Account
    7. In the page which opens, select Server from the Sync account section.
    8. The "Sync profile" page will open. Fill out the form:
      • Profile name: mycontacts
      • Sync Category: hatch the Contacts check-box and enter DBname: mysync . Note: this should be the same as the SyncML? folder created above through the Virtuoso Conductor.
      • Sync Type: select Full sync
      • Sync Server:
        • Enter for "Address": http://cname/DAV/home/, for ex. if using the QA server:


        • Enter for Login ID: dav
        • Enter for password: the dav user password
    9. Finally click Save
    10. The newly created profile should now be listed under Applications --> Settings --> Accounts and sync --> Manage accounts. Click on it.
    11. Click Sync now.
    12. If the sync is successful, no errors should be shown.
    13. Go to Virtuoso Conductor --> Web Application Server --> Content Management --> Repository.
    14. Enter path /DAV/home/mysync and click enter.
    15. If the sync was successful, you should find your new contacts shown: